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Was your Singapore Permanent Residence (Singapore PR) application rejected recently?

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Please attach your ICA PR application rejection letter for us to analyse and advise accordingly.

Did your Singapore Permanent Residence (Singapore PR) application face rejection recently? Submit appeal based on our analysis.

Don’t worry. All hope is not lost yet.

Singapore PR approval criteria, naturally, is not open to public and subject to change depending on the foreigner policies of The Government at a given time. But there are some known factors playing significant role in approval or rejection. Singapore PR approval also depends on timing of the application. Do not forget that this is designed to benefit Singapore and there are quotes for races, professional skills, etc. Submit appeal based on our analysis.

So what to do after rejection? Although there is an option of appeal after rejection, it will have very little effect on the decision if something about you did not change dramatically since your application (i.e. a significant pay increase, an upgrade in work permit, etc). This does not mean you cannot try again. It is important to wait for the period stated in the rejection letter.

Singapore Immigration Specialist specializes in appealing against failed and rejected Singapore Permanent Residence (Singapore PR) cases. Submit appeal based on our analysis.

Even though Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) does not provide the reason for your rejection, Singapore Immigration Specialist will be able to analyze your rejection case based on our assessment with years of experience.

Singapore Immigration Specialist will suggest you to submit and upload your rejection letter to us below using the form for analysis to ensure that your next re-appeal application stands a much higher chance of approval. Attach your rejection letter to submit appeal today.

Here are some abstracts of the various rejection letters that we receive.

ICA Rejection Letter Template A Abstract
ICA Rejection Letter Template B Abstract
ICA Rejection Letter Template C Abstract

Submit your ICA rejection letter to us and we will contact you on how we are able to assist you in your appeal or resubmission.

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