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Singapore Permanent Resident Overview

Similar to many developed countries around the world, Singapore is also facing both declining fertility rate and ageing population issues. So what is the solution to maintain a healthy population and workforce in Singapore? Yes, by inviting foreign talent who wish to sink roots in Singapore, to slowly naturalize and become Singapore Permanent Residents, who will convert to become Singapore Citizens in time to come.

The Population White Paper “A Sustainable Population For A Dynamic Singapore” is a proposed solution by Singapore government made in 2013 to maintain Singapore’s population by getting about 30,000 Singapore Permanent Residents and 25,000 new Singapore Citizens every year due to the declining fertility rate in Singapore. It also supports the influx of immigration and foreign workers to help businesses in Singapore thrive.

As such, it has created lots of discontent among locals and was brought up during the 2015 general election in Singapore. Since then, the government has taken steps to curb the influx of foreign talent and has become stricter on the process and assessment of granting Singapore Permanent Resident status to foreigners.

It used to be easy but it is different now. That is the reason why the rejection rate for Singapore Permanent Resident applications is way higher than before.

⚠ Work Permit (WP) holders are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for Singapore PR UNLESS sponsored by a (Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident) husband/wife.

Type of Pass In Singapore

Any Relationship To Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident

No RelationshipHusband/WifeUnmarried Child(below 21 years old)Aged Parent

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