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Singapore Immigration Specialist PR Application Services

Singapore Immigration Specialist is a professional immigration consultancy firm in Singapore that is highly recommended and trusted. We specialize in handling applications for Singapore Permanent Resident status, both new and rejected cases. Having worked with many clients from all sorts of nationalities and background, we scrutinize our data to see what works best for our clients before we advise on their PR application process.

Complete Profile

Singapore Immigration Specialist will arrange a professional consultant to perform a profile evaluation and analysis for our clients. This is very important for a start before engaging any kind of industry or services. We need to understand our clients background, job scope, reasons for applying Singapore Permanent Residence and any current situations, if any, as we will be able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of our clients, therefore being able to improve on the weak areas. This session also consists of a “questions and answers” phase for the client to understand better themselves on how we are able to help them significantly.

Profile Strengthening

Singapore Immigration Specialist will be able to advise and work on both our client’s profile weak and strong areas after we have completed the profile analysis phase. We will also take into consideration the competition that our client might be facing when comparing his/her profile with other similar applicants within his/her age range, salary, job scope and situations before we plan our strategy for our client. Rest assured that after the profile strengthening phase, our client’s profile will definitely improve significantly as we are able to scrutinize our past data over the years to see what works best for our client.

Advisory Committee

Singapore Immigration Specialist has a professional advisory committee, which consists of a group of immigration consultants, specialists and lawyers with years of immigration knowledge that our client can count on. We will guide our client thoroughly and answer any queries at any point of time during the whole application process, including after getting their PR approved or rejected.

Policy Updates

Singapore Immigration Specialist will update our client any new policies imposed by the government with regards to affecting our client’s application and advise accordingly on whether it will be better to submit the application before the new policy or after the new policy takes place to have a better advantage.

e-PR System
Process Guidance

Singapore Immigration Specialist will arrange a recommended date of e-PR submission for our client after discussing with our client and knowing their preferred date during their availability period. For client who wish to expedite their cases, we will do so only if we feel that everything is fully prepared and ready to submit, before we present to the immigration officer as a solid and strong application.

Cover Letter

Singapore Immigration Specialist will draft a personalized cover letter to introduce our client to ICA, demonstrate their interest for Singapore Permanent Residence, draw attention towards our client’s strengths, contributions, character, provide explanations for our client’s weaknesses and encourage the approving immigration officer to take a bold step towards a right decision to grant our client their Singapore Permanent Residence status.

Mandatory Documents

Singapore Immigration Specialist will go through the mandatory documents checklist required by ICA with our client and retrieve from our client the mandatory documents at a comfortable pace every month. After our immigration specialist receive our client’s mandatory document, they will vet through to look for mistakes or error and advise accordingly if there is any translation or changes necessary to be made.


Singapore Immigration Specialist will provide a professional consultation with our client in a private room to discuss behind close doors, keep everything strictly confidential to make our client feel comfortable. We will touch on immigration matters, affecting factors, case studies and advise on the best time to apply.

Compulsory Documents

Singapore Immigration Specialist will follow up with our client on the compulsory documents required, e.g (payslips, company letters, appraisals) and prepare on time a complete and strong application, which is also free from any errors, for submission via online e-PR system on the suggested date. The documents will also be vetted through and revised accordingly several times before the date to check that everything is accurate and complete.

PR Formalities
& Appeals Advice

Singapore Immigration Specialist will guide you on the steps to do and where to go for your formalities after you receive your approval letter, so that you won’t meet any obstacles getting your Singapore Permanent status. Even in the worse case scenario, if a client ever get rejected, we will also advise accordingly and help with the appeal process.

Additional Documents

Singapore Immigration Specialist have developed our own set of checklists that is designed to add-on and provide the most advantage for our client’s profile in the PR application. The additional documents are necessary for the immigration officer to understand the client better since they do not have a chance to assess our client face-to-face directly.

Support Team

Singapore Immigration Specialist provides our client with unparalleled support of advice and help promptly and patiently, at any time during the application process up to the final PR formalities or appeal process.

⚠ Work Permit (WP) holders are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for Singapore PR UNLESS sponsored by a (Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident) husband/wife.

Type of Pass In Singapore

Any Relationship To Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident

No RelationshipHusband/WifeUnmarried Child(below 21 years old)Aged Parent

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