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Factors Affecting Singapore Permanent Resident Application

Factors Affecting Singapore Permanent Resident Application

Factors Affecting Singapore Permanent Resident Application

There are many applicants applying to become a Singapore Permanent Resident every year and there are many with higher salary, qualifications or younger than you. We will guide you on how to ensure that you stand out from the crowd for the immigration officer to consider your profile. Find out more on the factors that will affect your Singapore Permanent Resident application.


Even though age is one of the major factors when evaluating an application, both young and old have an equal fair chance. While the young is able to contribute more to Singapore society in terms of time and growth, the old is able to compensate with work experience and knowledge.

Education Level
& Qualifications

Singapore has always been an academic based country, therefore having a high education level with professional qualifications is essential to determine an individual’s potential contribution in the future if granted Singapore Permanent Resident status. Usually, higher qualifications and qualifications will equals to an easier time to secure a stable and better income.

Job Scope

The experience and skill set an individual have in a particular job will help in the application. For example, if the government announces that there is a lack of talent with a certain job scope, to balance the workforce and talent base in Singapore, it will be easier for an individual with the required job scope when applying to become a Singapore Permanent Resident.

Work Industry

There are certain work industry that the government is always encouraging local Singapore Citizens to join or educate themselves in. It is crucial for the government to balance out the talent base in Singapore and therefore hoping that they will settle down and help contribute in their experienced industry for Singapore’s economy.

Length Of Stay
In Singapore

This is a determining factor to evaluate an individual’s seriousness and desire to settle down in Singapore for good. It is also due to the fact that the longer the duration of stay an individual has in Singapore, the more accustomed to Singapore that individual will be, regarding the culture and life in Singapore.

Supporting Documents

Supporting documents will definitely help in an individual’s Singapore Permanent Resident application. Think of any major scenarios in a normal person’s life that does not validate supporting documents e.g (loan, employment, education, court hearing, marriage, company meeting). Singapore Immigration Specialist will advice on what supporting documents to prepare, that are exclusive and not mentioned, which will definitely give an individual a huge boost in his/her application to become a Singapore Permanent Resident.

Legible Documents

It is important to make sure any written document is readable, be it handwritten or in another language. Afterall, the immigration officer will only accept English documents and is a real human too. Singapore Immigration Specialist will help to proofread and audit all documents to make sure that it is free of errors and meet the requirements prior to online submission to the Singapore immigration authority.

Family Ties
In Singapore

This is also important among all the factors affecting Singapore Permanent Resident application. The more family ties an individual have in Singapore, the sense of belonging, urgency and the desire to settle down in Singapore will be way higher. It is very unlikely Singapore will grant Singapore Permanent Resident status to an individual who does not seem to want to sink roots in Singapore permanently.

Social Contributions

Giving back to society has always been regarded as being a noble thing to do by helping the less fortunate. It is also an important factor as it magnifies an individual’s moral values and character. Singapore has always been encouraging acts of kindness in everyday lives of Singaporeans (Singapore Citizens/Singapore Permanent Residents) and having good moral conduct will definitely boost an application.

Awards &

Awards and commendations will help the immigration officer understand an applicant better as a whole. Afterall, face to face application process has ceased and everything is now submitted online. All the relevant endorsements about an individual’s character, work attitude, moral values, academic areas will give credibility which in turn will boost the application chances.

Social Integration

Singapore will want someone who is able to blend in to our society in terms of all the cultural differences and languages. Even though there is a vast variety of different culture, religion and language, being able to stay integrated by accepting and respecting one another is a very important factor as the government takes a very serious approach towards racism or hate related ideology.


One of the factors affecting Singapore Permanent Resident application such as having a higher salary will show the immigration officer an individual’s ability to sustain life in Singapore, inclusive of housing, transport, bills, taking care of family, the spending power at local shops and restaurants. This factor is undeniably important if the applicant is sponsoring his/her family members, who are not working, to apply for Singapore Permanent Resident status too.

⚠ Work Permit (WP) holders are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for Singapore PR UNLESS sponsored by a (Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident) husband/wife.

Type of Pass In Singapore

Any Relationship To Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident

No RelationshipHusband/WifeUnmarried Child(below 21 years old)Aged Parent

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