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6 Main Problems Encountered When Applying For Singapore PR

Applying for a Singapore PR may seem to be easy. Just download the forms, fill them up and submit to ICA for approval.
Is that really the case? Let’s take a look at the problems faced during the Singapore PR application process.

Strict Immigration Policies

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Singapore has reduced the approval rate vastly due to overwhelming demand of expatriates seeking to become a Singapore PR on this small island.

Complex Process

The screening process is not as easy as you think. Your Singapore PR application might not get approved just by submitting the required forms and mandatory documents on your own.

Challenging Paperwork

Do you really know which forms should be downloaded, the correct way on how your forms should be filled up and the documents that ICA require?

Non English Documents

Did you download and fill the ICA Singapore PR applications forms in English? How would you rate your own handwriting in terms of legibility?

ICA e-PR System

What is this new update? You look at the computer screen while facing difficulties navigating through the different pages of the e-PR system process.

Profile Assessment

Do you know that you are competing with more than 100,000 other Singapore PR applicants annually for that approval?

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⚠ Work Permit (WP) holders are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for Singapore PR UNLESS sponsored by a (Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident) husband/wife.

Type of Pass In Singapore

Any Relationship To Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident

No RelationshipHusband/WifeUnmarried Child(below 21 years old)Aged Parent

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How We Can Help You Get Your
Singapore PR Approved

Specialist Consultation

There are many rejected cases of Singapore PR because the applicants do not understand the ICA screening process.

Singapore Immigration Specialist will share with you the well-kept secrets of the ICA screening process and how you can greatly improve your chances of Singapore PR application approval rate.

Form Submission Review

Majority of Singapore PR applicants fill in the forms using their handwriting, which might be messy and illegible for the ICA approving agent to read and ultimately end up getting their Singapore PR application rejected.

Other common mistakes include missing out details in the application forms such as only providing your job positions, without explaining about your job responsibilities.Singapore Immigration Specialist will liase with you on your personal information and help you to get your forms filled in professionally, following with an audit by our immigration specialists. Your application forms will be accurate and error free before being submitted to the ICA approving agent.

Mandatory Documents Compilation

Avoid making mistakes like many other applicants when they apply for Singapore PR regarding the compilation of mandatory documents. For example, applicants are confused and submit “Statement of Account” instead of “Notice of Assessment” when asked for their income tax documentation. This will end up getting their Singapore PR application rejected.

Majority of Singapore PR applicants also overlooked and did not translate their non-English documents into English, leading to their Singapore PR application being rejected too.

Singapore Immigration Specialist will prepare and review all of your forms and documents to comply with the ICA accepted standards ensuring your chances of success will be increased greatly.

Important Additional Documents

It is not just about convincing the ICA approving agent to approve your application by letting them know how you can adapt into Singapore culture and society but you also need to boost their confidence in approving you by mentioning about your unique strengths and how you can contribute to Singapore.

You are competiting with tons of other much more prospective younger or better applicants in terms of educational qualifications or even higher income than you. Singapore Immigration Specialist will guide you on what to do to boost your approval chances instead of submitting your Singapore PR application just like the other applicants.

We will share with you a list of necessary and important additional documents that you can submit to increase your chances of approval for your Singapore PR application.

Individual Cover Letter

By choosing us to work with you, we will not only improve your approval chances but also settle for you your Singapore PR application process with ease, killing two birds with one stone.

With the new ICA update on 2nd November 2017, there will no longer be any face-to-face interview available for Singapore PR applicants. The ICA approving officer will base your approval or rejection entirely on the documents that you submit online via e-PR system when you apply for Singapore PR.

Singapore Immigration Specialist will assist you to outshine many other Singapore PR applicants with an individual cover letter.

This individual cover letter is different from the resume cover letter you write when you are applying for a job. For example, instead of including the details of what you want to achieve from Singapore by getting a Singapore PR e.g ( scholarship, job, property) in your individual cover letter, you need to elaborate more on what you can contribute to Singapore.

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