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The Singapore Permanent Residence (Singapore PR) application approval rate in Singapore has been reduced significantly to 29,000 annually in recent years compared to the high Singapore PR application approval rate of 75,000 back in the year 2008.
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6 Main Problems Encountered When Applying For Singapore PR

Applying for a Singapore PR may seem to be easy. Just download the forms, fill them up and submit to ICA for approval.

Strict Immigration Policies

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Singapore has reduced the approval rate vastly due to overwhelming demand of expatriates seeking to become a Singapore PR on this small island.

Complex Process

The screening process is not as easy as you think. Your Singapore PR application might not get approved just by submitting the required forms and mandatory documents on your own.

Challenging Paperwork

Do you really know which forms should be downloaded, the correct way on how your forms should be filled up and the documents that ICA require?

Non English Documents

Did you download and fill the ICA Singapore PR applications forms in English? How would you rate your own handwriting in terms of legibility?

ICA e-PR System

What is this new update? You look at the computer screen while facing difficulties navigating through the different pages of the e-PR system process.

Profile Assessment

Do you know that you are competing with more than 100,000 other Singapore PR applicants annually for that approval?

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I will like to thanks my specialist Xoelle for helping me with my PR application, she is reliable and responsible. I highly recommend her and their service.
My sales consultant Claire and writer Hui Ying did a great job too.
Thank you all of you for great service.

thank you shannelle for assisting me in my pr application. she has been soo helpful throughout the process. also thank you to our writer, christal for an excellent cover letter.

I Appreciate for excellent communication service and well confident,specially thanks for immigration specialist ms Shannelle, she is response fantastic service and approach'she is take care more documents verified and submit icons.

Thanks to Xoelle, Hui Ying and Claire on my brother’s PR application. They are very helpful and responsive throughout the processing. Highly recommend them to those who want to apply their PR. Approach them. 👍👍👍

I would like to thank Ms Shannelle, my specialist, for assisting me for PR application, she is very friendly and also thanks Grace and Elaine. I highly recommend to this organisation. Thanks 😊 a lot.

After my application with Claire, Hui Ying and Tiffany, I highly reccommend their company in assisting the PR application residency. The mentioned officers are very friendly and accomodating. You can request them and they will be happy to assist and provide you everything for the application. Please ask this company for your residency. thanks and thats all

The beautiful lady who took over the case for me, Tiffany was very amiable, working patient, careful, and working with them more security. The Company's consultant jy is very polite and professional knowledge is very strong, we will feel relieved and relieved!

I definitely recommend this agency. They are really help us from on this what things to provide and to accomplish, even i keep asking the same thing, they are very patient and accommodating. Big thanks to Elaine as consultant, Tiffany, our very friendly specialist and writers, Christal and Hui Ying.

I would like to thank Mrs Hui YIng for assisting and guiding me through my PR application. I really appreciate it. The service is excellent! Thank you.

I would like to recommend Claire, Xoelle and also Winnie,they are all very professional immigration consultant

Honestly my specialist Ms Hui Ying is really very helpful in helping me with my submission process, which took long hours but she was still very nice and patient with me, fully supporting my application. She cleared all my doubts and assured me, and remain smiling and cheerful despite the Long process. This company has found a great employee and I am very pleased with her service. She is committed to her job and service with a heart. I recommend everyone to come to Singapore Immigration Specialist!

The service is very very good. Happy with the service. Thank you my specialist Tiffany for helping me. 👍

I worked closely with Tiffany, Jun Yan and Hui Ying and they are all amazing people, I felt their sincerity in assisting me w/ all my queries . They have provided me good guidance and walk me through with my application to achieve my long time dream. Thank you all and I knew I still have more months to look forward to but I am confident it will be a favorable result. .. Kudos to you all, such a Gem to your company. Help me to extend this compliments to them and their heads. God speed SIS!

It is my pleasure to recommend Singapore Immigration Specialist and Staff Ms. Tiffany, Ms. Hui Ying and Mr. Allan.
Ms. Tiffany - worked for me various of supporting documents issues and her respond is prompt. Excellent!
Ms. Hui Ying - worked for my personal profile and her well written is extremely good. She has a good writing skills and she is outstanding. Happy for her support writing for me.
Mr. Allan - I would rank him as one of the best consultant I have ever had. He has provided very good service to me and his clients always. He is highly intelligent and has superb analytical and communication skills.

Yours Sincerely,
William Aung

If anyone wants to take PR in Singapore and I strongly recommend to go Singapore immigration specialist. They will help you to prepare all the required documents what ICA required and also they will assist you all the way from the beginning towards your application success.Ms. Shannelle Ezra is so helpful and even after office hours she is there to clear our doubts in the document process. Thanks Shannelle and Jy..

Last month engaged SIS, ytd filed PR application. The service is consider fast and efficient. My wife and I were very satisfied. Special make commendation on the staff who have serve me. They are Ms Elaine (consultant), Ms Shannelle (specialist) and Ms Christal (writer). They are professional, friendly and details. Kudos they have done a great job. I will recommend my friends who wants to apply PR to consider engaging SIS.

Thanks to Shannelle Ezra.Chinnaiya Esthakee PR application. They are very helpful and responsive throughout the processing. Highly recommend them to those who want to apply their PR. Approach them. 👍👍👍. Thanks

grateful for xoelle to assist me in this PR, she was helpful in guiding me through the whole process. she explained to me when i was in doubt, thank you! would recommend them to people who needs help. Claire the consultant & huiying the writer was great help too!

Thankfully for the kind and friendly assistance of Shanelle. She is very efficient and always approachable. I have no regrets in making a decision to try to apply because of how she guided me all throughout with efficiency, patience and positive attitude. All the best in their organization. Shanelle is one of kind employee a very indeed reliable asset in the company..

Tiffany and hui ying are the professionals who helped me apply for PR, helped me prepare materials through this half-year time, and their work was very dedicated. Thanks for their help, I didn't know there were so many formalities before. Give them a like 👍

Really appreciate and thank you so much for assisting throughout the PR application especially documents related and not forget these professional staffs:

  • Shannelle
  • Christal
  • Jun Yan
    Again thank you so much😊!!

Well arranged cover letter…n the service was great..will highly recommend to my friends…

Very trustworthy!! Extremely happy with their service. Special thanks to “Xoelle” for guiding me to process everything to be done and submitted. Shes work very prompt and shes very helpful and responsive and easy to talk to. Shes always wears here smiles to her client, giving good vibes every time i have an appointment with her:). Keep up the good work and im glad to be one of your client.:) Highly recommend Singapore Immigration Specialist for your PR needs.

I just applied PR application with Singapore Immigration Specialist, they are really helpful and they guided very well. I really thankful for them.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Shannelle ( Very friendly Specialist ) , Christal ( Smart Writer ) and Elaine as Consultant . They are very professional and helpful throughout the application . Highly recommend Singapore Immigration Specialist for your PR needs!👍

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⚠ Work Permit (WP) holders are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for Singapore PR UNLESS sponsored by a (Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident) husband/wife.

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Specialist Consultation    
There are many rejected cases of Singapore PR because the applicants do not understand the ICA screening process.

Singapore Immigration Specialist will share with you the well-kept secrets of the ICA screening process and how you can greatly improve your chances of Singapore PR application approval rate.
 Form Submission Review    
There are many rejected cases of Singapore PR because the applicants do not understand the ICA screening process.

Singapore Immigration Specialist will share with you the well-kept secrets of the ICA screening process and how you can greatly improve your chances of Singapore PR application approval rate.
Mandatory Documents Compilation

Avoid making mistakes like many other applicants when they apply for Singapore PR regarding the compilation of mandatory documents. For example, applicants are confused and submit “Statement of Account” instead of “Notice of Assessment” when asked for their income tax documentation. This will end up getting their Singapore PR application rejected.

Majority of Singapore PR applicants also overlooked and did not translate their non-English documents into English, leading to their Singapore PR application being rejected too.

Singapore Immigration Specialist will prepare and review all of your forms and documents to comply with the ICA accepted standards ensuring your chances of success will be increased greatly.

Important Additional Documents 
It is not just about convincing the ICA approving agent to approve your application by letting them know how you can adapt into Singapore culture and society but you also need to boost their confidence in approving you by mentioning about your unique strengths and how you can contribute to Singapore.

You are competiting with tons of other much more prospective younger or better applicants in terms of educational qualifications or even higher income than you. Singapore Immigration Specialist will guide you on what to do to boost your approval chances instead of submitting your Singapore PR application just like the other applicants.

We will share with you a list of necessary and important additional documents that you can submit to increase your chances of approval for your Singapore PR application.
 Individual Cover Letter    
By choosing us to work with you, we will not only improve your approval chances but also settle for you your Singapore PR application process with ease, killing two birds with one stone.

With the new ICA update on 2nd November 2017, there will no longer be any face-to-face interview available for Singapore PR applicants. The ICA approving officer will base your approval or rejection entirely on the documents that you submit online via e-PR system when you apply for Singapore PR.

Singapore Immigration Specialist will assist you to outshine many other Singapore PR applicants with an individual cover letter.

This individual cover letter is different from the resume cover letter you write when you are applying for a job. For example, instead of including the details of what you want to achieve from Singapore by getting a Singapore PR e.g ( scholarship, job, property) in your individual cover letter, you need to elaborate more on what you can contribute to Singapore.

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Bright career prospects and opportunities for career growth
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Here are some reasons why you and your loved ones should apply for a Singapore PR.
Quality education system
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Are you a working professional looking to apply for Singapore PR? 
Quality career advancements and opportunities awaits you
Reap the benefits of a Long-Term Visit Pass for your family members who wish to visit Singapore

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First Time Applicant
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Is this your first time applying for a PR right here in Singapore? It is important to get approved on the very first application. This is because records for every subsequent unsuccessful attempt will be kept by the ICA. No doubt that this process can be deemed as a tedious one especially if you are experiencing it for the first time. You would not want to take the chance of missing any important documents or information that can help you to better improve your chances of getting a PR and calling Singapore your home. Thus, here at Singapore Immigration Specialist, we are experts that are geared with the best knowledge pertaining to helping you to achieve your PR dreams. We will provide you with the relevant information and strategies for you to get that PR approved on the very first try.
PR Rejected
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Feeling the frustration of getting your PR rejected for numerous attempts and cannot seem to figure out why? Fret not! Simply come down to see us with your rejection letter and we will provide you with the best advice possible. We will also provide you with suggestions with relevant amendments and improvements that you can take to help you can stand a better chance in gaining a PR on the next try.
Considering a Singapore PR
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Unsure if you should apply for a PR now or should you wait for a couple more years? This decision can be a tricky one and you need to take several factors into play such as your career plans and your children’s education pathway. Generally, it would be a better option to apply for your PR as soon as you can because it would take time for you to settle down and stabilize your career. Also, waiting a couple more years would mean that you could potentially lose out on opportunities that are already right here waiting for you. If you are still on the fence regarding this crucial decision, give us a visit and we will be happy to provide you with numerous benefits of applying for a PR whilst taking your situation into consideration.

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